Face Pulls: The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing, But Should Be

Face Pulls

What on earth are face pulls? If you’ve never heard of them, they just might be one of the best-kept secrets of the fitness world. Why?

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A New Concept In Powerlifting Programming: Emphasis-based loading


In the sport of powerlifting, the traditional  powerlifting programming approach is to train the same frequencies of the same volumes of lifts with intensities that become redundant within a long-term period of planning. Isn’t it time for another way?

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10 Things To Avoid When Peaking For Powerlifting


Peaking for Powerlifting is an art and science. Today, I share with you 10 things you MUST avoid doing when peaking for powerlifting. Some are based on science, while others are based on art, but all are very important if you want to lift your best.

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Secrets of Matt Wenning’s Conjugate Method: DVD Review

Matt Wenning's Conjugate Training Secrets - res

Still confused on how to make the conjugate method work for raw powerlifting? Then you need these DVD’s. Here’s my review.

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How To Grow More Muscle Even If You’re An Advanced Athlete

Muscle Full Effect - Powerlifting Blog

In this blog you’ll learn everything you need to know about the muscle full effect, why it’s important and I’ll prove the anabolic window is real.

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3 Easy Recipes That Make Dieting Fun

Powerlifting Nutrition - ManageMyMealPlan

I was tired of being out of shape and out of breath after walking the stairs. Results of classic powerlifting nutrition. Now I needed to lose some flab, and I wasn’t to excited about that…

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